A Donor Management System or Nonprofit CRM is a means of organizing, analyzing, and strategically implementing communication strategies with nonprofit supporters to maintain and grow those relationships.

It’s common for companies to utilize a CRM, which refers to a means of Customer Relationship Management, to help build and strengthen their network of customers.  With more research continually being done in the nonprofit space, it’s clear that their business model can also benefit greatly from a relationship management system with their supporters.  Some have called this Constituent Relationship Management, Nonprofit CRM, or a Donor Management System.

A “Supporter Management System” makes this process easy by collecting and organizing information about all your contacts in one place with the ability to reach out to them directly from the software.  Knowing a group of contacts’ donation histories, for instance, allows you to easily segment them into a group and formulate a campaign that can be sent to all of them while still keeping it personalized.

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